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After consulting with the geek vine concerning Revolutions, I think we've
found the most effective explanations of the Matrix trilogy:


Just thought I'd pass this along.  It really does make a lot of sense.

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Jorah Lavin said:
> After the second movie came out, I saw a review which clarified for me
> the problems I was having with the change in quality from the first to
> the second.
> The reviewer mentioned that the W brothers claimed (after the success of
> the first movie) that their vision had always been of a trilogy of
> movies. However, the first movie truly was satisfying on its own, and
> the reviewer felt that their never was a vision of three movies, that
> the first one finished the story as it stood, and that the brothers were
> basically hitching a ride on their own star by going ahead and milking
> the concept for two more movie.
> This makes a lot of sense to me, and while I'll watch the third one when
> it comes out on disk, in the future I plan to think of this "trilogy" as
> one movie with two lame knockoffs, just as with one of my favorite books
> of yesteryear, _The Gameplayers of Zan_, a bit fiction from the mid 70s
> which was well thought out and entertaining, followed by two "sequels"
> that were strained and not much fun.

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