[thechat] Yet Another Stupid On-Line Test!

Terry Fowler quackamoe at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 4 17:46:26 CST 2003

--- "Luther, Ron" <ron.luther at hp.com> wrote:
> Terry Fowler 'scorched' the test by noting:
> >>There's something wrong with that test. [snip]
> >>I got 34.12229% - Total Geek. 
> Hi Terry,
> Congrats! 
> (Hey! You back in the house now? Ev'y'tin' okay?)
Yes, on Wednesday the wind had shifted to due north,
which was dumping a lot of smoke and ash on us (which,
BTW, gave me a nasty sinus infection) but later the
wind started heading northeast and we were spared. We
heard that the flames were within 1/2 mile, but now it
seems closer to 3 miles. We did have an interesting go
of figuring out what our true "valuables" were. My 
13yod immediately started packing all the Tolkien 
books, videos, DVDs, RISK game, etc. Even before she
started packing up HP!

Have I mentioned that I got in line at 6:30am in LA
back on Oct 9th to get tickets to Trilogy Tuesday?
Those went right in the zippered bag with the Savings
Bonds and Travelers Checks!

> >>Maybe it's reading Russian literature on my own.
> Anything interesting?  (I don't read Russian, but I
> do plan to keep my Sholokov while selling off my
> Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, and Chekov. 

Actually I liked Lermontov's poetry and "Hero of Our
Time" which frequently or always gets translated as
"Hero of our own time" but Russian has a word for
and it's not in the title of Lermontov's novella. I
just don't understand things like that. Like "A Doll's
House." Ibsen's choice of words in his own language
"A Doll House" (Het Dukkenheim or some such).

> Hope to have my 
> first box lot up tomorrow evening. Not much
> interesting in this lot though.)
Ron, you need to work on your salesmanship!

> Oh! I see! Semiotics, eh? Hmmmmmm ... looks
> interesting! 
> Okay, yeah ... Martin's right ... that *is* geeky.

Hmm, that does sound vaguely familiar, but I haven't
even touched the book, much less read it.
> >>But I have read (and loved) the Silmarillion.
> But wouldn't a real geek have a copy of 'Farmer
> Giles of Ham' 

I'm typing this one-handed because I'm touching my
of "The Tolkien Reader" which has "Farmer Giles" in

> ... or the Paul Taylor/W.H. Auden 'Elder Edda'
> dedicated to Tolkien?
I read parts of the Edda in 1973 in German and have
downloaded an html version from sacred-texts.com:


It's a great resource for all kinds of legends, myths,
in addition to religious texts of just about 
everything. They also have the Kalevala, which I've

> (I don't wanna work any more today ... can ya tell?)
Me neither!
> >>I have argued about who/what Tom Bombadil is. 
> <Arte Johnson voice />Verrrry Ent-eresting! But
> Geeky!
Well, since you asked, it really appears that Tolkien
wasn't even sure what Bombadil was. Oddly enough,
I first read LotR in 1972 when I was just getting 
acquainted with Jethro Tull I've always pictured Ian
Anderson and Bombadil.

Hmm, this got kinda long didn't it. Guess I'd better
DO something!


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