[thechat] Yet Another Stupid On-Line Test!

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Tue Nov 4 17:26:01 CST 2003

On 4 Nov 2003, at 22:46, Luther, Ron wrote:

>>> the only Umberto Eco I've read is Name of the Rose.
> That confused me too. I was meaning to ask Martin why Eco would
> be considered 'geeky'. Did he write a Solaris manual on the
> side or what?
> <quick bit o' research />
> Oh! I see! Semiotics, eh? Hmmmmmm ... looks interesting!
> Okay, yeah ... Martin's right ... that *is* geeky.

Not just the work stuff (although thinking about the difference between 
objects and the things we label them is pretty relevant. Here's a 
related example, which I think we'll all agree has the geek nature in 
the way it plays with language and layers of meaning.

I can absolutely recommend Travels in Hyperreality), but also the 
essays. He wrote the classic piece waaay back claiming that Macs are 
fundamentally Catholic while DOS is Protestant.

Good starting point: How to Travel with a Salmon. Here's a sample or 2:

William Baskerville (the protagonist in Name of the Rose) is a complete 
geek too (albeit a mediaeval one!).

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