[thechat] Yet Another Stupid On-Line Test!

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Nov 4 16:46:33 CST 2003

Terry Fowler 'scorched' the test by noting:

>>There's something wrong with that test. [snip]
>>I got 34.12229% - Total Geek. 

Hi Terry,


(Hey! You back in the house now? Ev'y'tin' okay?)

>>Maybe it's reading Russian literature on my own.

Anything interesting?  (I don't read Russian, but I do 
plan to keep my Sholokov while selling off my Tolstoy, 
Dostoevsky, Solzhenitsyn, and Chekov. Hope to have my 
first box lot up tomorrow evening. Not much interesting 
in this lot though.)

>>the only Umberto Eco I've read is Name of the Rose. 

That confused me too. I was meaning to ask Martin why Eco would 
be considered 'geeky'. Did he write a Solaris manual on the 
side or what? 
<quick bit o' research /> 
Oh! I see! Semiotics, eh? Hmmmmmm ... looks interesting! 
Okay, yeah ... Martin's right ... that *is* geeky.

>>But I have read (and loved) the Silmarillion.

But wouldn't a real geek have a copy of 'Farmer Giles of Ham' 
... or the Paul Taylor/W.H. Auden 'Elder Edda' dedicated to 

(I don't wanna work any more today ... can ya tell?)


>>I have argued about who/what Tom Bombadil is. 

<Arte Johnson voice />Verrrry Ent-eresting! But Geeky!


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