[thechat] Yet Another Stupid On-Line Test!

Luther, Ron ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Nov 4 10:31:37 CST 2003

Geekiness Quotient:


Only 27.61341% - Which put me in 'level 3' as a "Total Geek".

Mighta been higher, but I could only remember pi to 6 significant 
digits off the top of my head.  ;-(

Scale is:
L1 - Geekish Tendencies 
L2 - Geek 
L3 - Total Geek 
L4 - Major Geek 
L5 - Super Geek 
L6 - Extreme Geek 
L7 - Geek God 
L8 - Dysfunctional Geek 

Enjoy!  ;-)


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