Martin's music. Was Re: [thechat] more advice on buying a digital camcorder, please

Martin Burns martin at
Sun Oct 19 23:29:23 CDT 2003

On Monday, October 20, 2003, at 01:36  am, Andy Warwick wrote:

> Sign-off for the last 3 messages I've read from Martin (here and on the
> list)

whut? I've not posted to thelist...

> he has:
>> Now playing on iTunes: 'The Very Best Of The Tube' -
> A new album, the only one in your collection, or just a shedload of
> songs that takes days to listen to?

New album - 37 tracks. If you want to see what's on it:

It's in heavy rotation in my 80s playlist and prolly will be until it 
catches up with the other 80s stuff I have in Play Count (criteria for 
the playlist are date and rating (3* or better), limited to 3 hours 
selected by least often played).

> P.S. My iTunes is playing MP3s from JeanJean And The Next Crew, pimped
> on another list I'm on.

Want the AppleScript that updates my Mail sig?

Now playing on iTunes: "The Jeweller" by This Mortal Coil from 
'Filigree and Shadow' - a hit from way back in 1986

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