[thechat] Odd Songs & Stuff

Drew Shiel ashiel at sportsinteraction.com
Thu Oct 16 08:59:09 CDT 2003

At 08:33 16/10/2003 -0500, Luther, Ron wrote:

>Hey, anybody know what a 'Saestyksella' is? [I think it's a Finnish word 
>for a musical instrument.]
>One of these buggers features music on Harmonikka, Kitaran, and this 
>thing. Wild guess ... could
>it be 'accordian'?

   No, it means "accompanied by", approximately. "kitaran saestyksella" 
(some umlauts missing there) means "accompanied by guitar".

   It's pronounced "sayz-took-sel-lah", or thereabouts.


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