[thechat] Tequila substitute

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Wed Aug 27 13:22:54 CDT 2003

Long Island Iced Tea doesn't need Tequila, IMO. It just needs lots 
and lots of booze.  Double up on something or whatever... I doubt 
anyone will miss the Tequila.

lessee... from memory... vodka, rum, tequila... brandy?  are those 
the standards alcohols?  Yeah, I'd say add a bit extra of the first 

Margarita is a different story.  It is a TEQUILA drink. IMO you don't 
get a true margarita sans tequila.   It's like a brave bull w/o 
tequila.  No such thing.  Sub vodka in a brave bull and you get a 
black russian.

But then, I'm the only person on earth who likes brave bulls.

In California, in the Mexican restaurants without a hard liquor 
license, they make these things called "wine margaritas" which sub 
chardonnay or rose for the tequila (use a glass of wine, not just a 
shot).  These are tasty in a pinch.  You can try some other liquor in 
a margarita, I just don't know that I would call it a margarita... a 
daquari is a very similar rum version.

I don't have a favorite cocktail, but I have noticed a recent spike 
in US popularity of Cosmopolitans which are like a Kamakazee, but 
with cranberry so it is pink and prissy and combats bladder 
infections.  My friend tells me the cosmo upsurge is a result of the 
HBO series "Sex in the City."


>Is there any other alcohol or mix of spirits that would make a 
>reasonable substitute?
>While you're at it, what's your favourite cocktail? (If you drink 
>cocktails, of course.)

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