[thechat] Mumbai bomb blasts

Madhu Menon webguru at vsnl.net
Tue Aug 26 07:53:02 CDT 2003

At 04:13 PM 26-08-03, Isaac Forman wrote:
>We're still coming over there regardless, so don't think you can put us

Don't worry dude, Bangalore is not worth bombing, so it's safe to visit. 
Besides, I've got the city terrorised all by myself. ;)

The restaurant is scheduled to open on October 17, so it should be done by 
the time you get here. I'm deciding the colour and material for linen at 
the moment.

>But seriously, terrible news, and it was top on Google, etc.

If we find out the bastards behind this, I'm fully in favour of the death 
penalty for them.

BTW, when I worked in Mumbai in 2000-2001, I used to live very near to that 
spot. It was about half a km away.



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