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Mon Aug 25 03:37:47 CDT 2003

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> Ummm... it's fair to say that, at least as far as my pink 
> little shell-like
> to the ground goes, it's not great. This is purely anecdotal 
> (I've been
> at the same e-commerce dot-com for 4 years, which makes me rather... 
> unique),
> but I don't think there's much around in the web dev field. 
> Other areas
> of IT seem to be doing a lot better, but the 'big-name 
> dot-com' field in
> Australia has hit the deck in a big way, leaving a lot of web dev guys
> looking for the remaining web dev jobs in non-dot-coms: banks 
> and whatever.
> What's your skillset like? There are... pockets, I guess 
> you'd say, for
> some particular skills.
> I don't want to discourage you, just don't want you to think that the
> roads here are paved with web dev contracts and get your hopes up.

I'm wondering if there's still *one* place that has web dev jobs a-plenty, since the dotcom bubble burst.

FWIW note that France is as much a devastated country as anywhere in the world. They all ask for Java in job offers, and I'm sure they don't even know what they're asking for. Of course no one says anything about client-side issues, not to mention accessibility, cross-languages skills, etc.

s t e f (aka notabene)

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