[thechat] eudora/mac challenge

Erika Meyer erika at seastorm.com
Thu Jul 3 15:18:14 CDT 2003

okay, i have this 99 imac and i have eudora 4.2 and it's chock full 
o' stuff, some of which i'd like to archive forever.

at the same time, i want to clean out my in and out boxes and start 
with a clean slate when i get os x going...

i was thinking, there must be some way for me to upload my mail via 
ftp and store it on a server somewhere as a text file or something 
like that.

is that possible.   how do i turn my in or out boxes into text files 
or is there another way.

does anyone have any clever ideas for ways i can archive my mail... 
it's mainly certain types of interactions to which i have sentimental 
attachment, clever things i wrote about my daughter as she was 
growing up, etc... i would like to hold on to.



-- hoping to soon get a new keyboard with a working 'shift' key...

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