Was: [thechat] In iPod He Trusts Now: whacha got?

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sat Jun 14 18:35:07 CDT 2003

On Sunday, June 15, 2003, at 12:07 AM, Ken Kogler wrote:

> Back on topic, the weirdest thing in my mp3 collection is a 94.3 MB 
> file
> called "Rain and Thunder Sounds" which I ripped off one of those
> relaxation CDs. It's not the kind of thing I can listen to and enjoy,
> but it makes awesome background noise...

*Plenty* of ambient stuff here (although no pure natural sound) - Brian 
Eno & Harold Budd? I have a whole playlist of chilled stuff - great for 
getting to sleep with.

And at the other end, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band's version of 
Delilah, and in between, the album version of Python & the Holy Grail.

Can I also here offer a big cheer to CDdb? Not only do they have the 
stuff you'd expect (ignoring the odd minor typo, or Artist/Trackname 
swap), but they have the Promo CD Audi sent me *yesterday* for the new 
A3, and both CDs of the band my mates started as a pub session band. 
Impressive, Mr Bond...

(reminds self to rip the Michel Thomas Italian CDs)

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