Was: [thechat] In iPod He Trusts Now: whacha got?

Ken Kogler ken.kogler at curf.edu
Sat Jun 14 18:07:55 CDT 2003

> there's something different about thinking something sucks (sorry,
> ken), and yet still desiring to have it.

S'OK. :)

And just for the record...

> oh, i wasn't trying to start one of those "dave matthews sucks : no he
> doesn't : yes he does : no he doesn't" threads...

...no he doesn't. :p

Back on topic, the weirdest thing in my mp3 collection is a 94.3 MB file
called "Rain and Thunder Sounds" which I ripped off one of those
relaxation CDs. It's not the kind of thing I can listen to and enjoy,
but it makes awesome background noise... 


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