Was: [thechat] In iPod He Trusts Now: whacha got?

Andy Warwick mailing.lists at creed.co.uk
Sat Jun 14 15:42:57 CDT 2003

On Saturday, June 14, 2003, at 08:29 PM, Morgan Kelsey wrote:

> I hereby challenge thee
> (heh, and whoever else of course)
> to a gentlemen's (or gentlewomen's) duel of mp3 players.
> What's the *worst* thing you got on yours, eh?

If we are defining 'worst' as the cheesiest song, I'm guessing the two 
that would count in my MP3 collection would be:

Trio : Da Da Da or Debbie Gibson : Only In My Dreams

There are probably other songs that some would consider bad, unmelodic 
or just noise, but I'm sticking with the traditional definition of 
'worst' as being those songs you are kinda ashamed to say you actually 
like in polite company...

Andy W

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