[thechat] In iPod He Trusts Now: whacha got?

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Sat Jun 14 14:39:57 CDT 2003

Morgan Kelsey wrote:
> [snip]
> I hereby challenge thee
> (heh, and whoever else of course)
> to a gentlemen's (or gentlewomen's) duel of mp3 players.
> What's the *worst* thing you got on yours, eh?
> After much consideration, I respectfully submit:
> Yngwie J. Malmsteen : Odyssey

my 'mp3 player' is either winamp on the main PC here in my office, mpg123
through in the lounge PC (hooked up to the dolby digital amp) or my dell
axim.  since the first two have access to ~ 35 gig of music, finding the
suckiest piece of music maybe somewhat difficult :)  The Axim has a 256 meg
cf card in it, with the soundtracks to A Beautiful Mind (James Horner), The
Matrix Reloaded (Don Davis) and the album Bible of Dreams by Juno Reactor.

Since I have no Yngwie in my collection, I claim you suck the most -
beaujolais! :)

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