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"How much does a CD cost?" asks Adam Porter. "How many good songs are on a 

The answers, of course, are "too much" and "not enough."

That's part of the reason why, he says, local business owners are hiring 
him to create the soundtracks to their restaurants, stores and salons.


The trick is somehow turning Porter's knowledge and collection into a more 
efficient and transportable entity, rather than having him spin at a 
restaurant day and night.

That's where technology comes in. Armed with a small fleet of iPods, 
Porter's embarking on a one-of-a-kind business venture: filling the little 
mp3 players with a specially created musical catalog and renting them out 
to area businesses. "Instead of going in with my vinyl and DJing for four 
hours, I can DJ for them for the whole month." As far as he knows, he's the 
first to come up with this particular business model.



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