[thechat] nagrom's new ride

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Jun 11 20:38:45 CDT 2003


> Oddly enough, I was out shopping for a new mower recently ... we were
> one for my wife's son and his family as they will be moving into a little
> rental house soon.

oh, no, Ron, you blew it!
you must be new to the father-in-law thing.

give him the old toro!

> We looked at Home Depot and at Lowe's (same thing).  I was a little
> with this new Honda (or maybe it was a Husqvarna with a Honda motor -
> remember) with funky wheels in front ... but it was self-propelled.
> It looked like it had 6 forward speed though - so I was wondering if it
> a good deal faster than the old ones used to be.  Sounds like it probably
> [BOTH their on-line sites TOTALLY SUCK! ... so I can't share a picture of
> those funky wheels. They were attached from above ... kinda like casters
> a filing cabinet...]

don't you mean, "like on a marshall stack!" hehehe

that would offer some slick manuverability I bet.
i don't think home despot had that model--i would have been equally

> {My mower is about 10 years old and *badly* in need of a blade sharpening.
> *sigh* Oh well, I've been having a, for me, most unusual run of good luck
> with DIY projects lately so I guess I'll give it a go.  It's a John Deere
> so it will probably last just this side of forever.  Shame it isn't green
> though.}

might i suggest removing the blades first.
then make a campfire, and watch "Conan" again to see how it's done.

> My wife, dear thing that she is, doesn't comprehend "cool" mowers -- 
> when they cost more than uncool mowers -- so we bought one at Sears.

dude, i'm telling you, you coulda dumped the toro on your son-in-law and
gotten yourself a double budget! or at least a one-and-a-halfer.

i barraged wifey with something like, "well, lets see, i probably mow 20
times a year (yeah, right) and it takes about an hour and forty-five
minutes, and we can expect at least 8-10 years from a good mower, so another
$100 is really only an extra 50 cents per mow. or, 25 cents an hour. i'd be
much happier mowing with this *way* cool mower, you can think about the 50
cents everytime i'm out there."

she agreed--but then got *that* look....

like some secret scorecard i don't know about has just been filled out....

and i'm the big loser....

only i don't know it yet....

nagrom, destroyer of lawns

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