[thechat] nagrom's new ride

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Jun 11 10:00:41 CDT 2003


> Hang out at the 24-hour gas station.
> Ahh, memories of  that Mobile will always be with me.
> --Bri
> (Who used to date a guy who's parents had a summer place in Wilton, the
> adjoining town.)

whoa, small world.

i live up in Bethel, which is kind of the Hoboken of Danbury.

very blue collar, yet i'd wager there's more weirdos per square foot than 
anywhere else in the US (well, at least in Connecticut)

for instance, we have a guy who is a "UFO Expert". 
at least it says so, on the back of the jumpsuit he wears around town 
(*not* kidding).


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