[thechat] nagrom's new ride

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Wed Jun 11 08:46:31 CDT 2003

sunday at my house appeared normal.

at 11pm, i had 1/3 of the 2-foot-high grass of my glorious .85 acres mowed.
then, rather expectedly i must admit, my trusty mower started to blow white

the carburetor was toast.

low, sing a song of praise for the briggs and stratton 3.75 HP push-mower.
i inherited this fine speciman from my father-in-law. it's at least 10 years
old. if he knew i let it die, he'd throw a fit (he's an engineer).

for months i'd been holding the safety bar with a wood clamp so i could run
around the front and adjust the throttle.

luckily, i was coming off  a 3-day jazz gig at a 3-day house party in
ridgefield, CT or "richfield" as we in the biz call it. it was actually much
more civilized than it sounds. anyway, i knew that money wouldn't last more
than a day.

off i tramped, in search of a mower.

being a local business-man myself, i like to cater to the little folk.
i went to 3 "little folk" but they were all closed.
my kids had a playdate with their cousin at 3pm.
this couldn't wait.

i went to home depot.

for those of you unfamiliar with the home depot, imagine amazon as a
hardware store.
now imagine it as a brick-and-mortar store. i'm not kidding.

here i found my new ride.
the Toro Recycler®

holy crap!

this thing is awesome!

it self-propels itself at quite a clip.
you don't have to run to keep up, the pace is more like yasser arafat's
regular walk.

i did the first run bagless, to see how she mulched.
i'm not sure what the blades are for under there,
because i'm quite sure it's equipped with a death ray.

my yard, looked like a nuclear bomb went off 2" above the surface.
the swingset, was coated in green powder.

my yard is long, i like to go back and forth (heh, let's not take that out
of context)
there were nice straight piles of powdered kryptonite every 22".

truly a weapon of grass destruction.
i highly recommend it.


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