[thechat] Why?

Chris Marsh chris at ecleanuk.com
Sun Jun 1 02:22:40 CDT 2003

> > > How much do you know about Islam?
> >
> > How far off the mark am I? We are not discussing the depth of my 
> > knowledge of Islam. As you do not dispute the integrity of my 
> > assertions, I can only assume that you accept that I am in this 
> > instance correct.
> Without having in depth knowledge of Islam you cannot say 
> anything about Islam.

That's absolute rubbish. One can say anything about any subject as long
as one stays within the bounds of ones knowledge. And you still haven't
told me that I am wrong and why.

> If you study Quran in depth, you'll 
> once shiver with fear.

I doubt it very much. I shiver with fear at the thought of lunatics
misinterpretting texts that basically advocate peace and love, and using
them as an excuse to kill, maim and torture. Simply reading any
religious text will instill no fear in me whatsoever.

> > Um, fundamentalist muslims? Jews? Christians? Take your pick.
> Is there any Muslim in the government of USA?

I don't know. What if there isn't? Are there any Christians in the
government of Iran?

> > whatever) from a complete stranger. You know him to be 
> *nian, and you 
> > like *nians, so you trust him and buy without looking under 
> the bonnet 
> > (or tail, whatever). Not a very good way to acquire goods and/or 
> > services from strange vendors.
> It is very natural if you take it microscopically. I like 
> Iran and China as countries. It's natural that I would like 
> anybody belonging to these countries. But in long time 

Your surety of what is natural and what isn't shows your dogmatic
nature. Why not question what you have been taught for a change rather
than repeating it by rote?

> scenario, I'll take care of the person's personal character 
> and my personal relation with him/her on his personal 
> character. I don't like USA. Naturally I'll hesitate from any 
> American. But his/her personal character will persuade me to 
> like him/her.

Thus demonstrating your racism and immaturity.


Chris Marsh

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