[thechat] What the hell does he want?

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Fri May 30 14:42:18 CDT 2003

Last I heard, it was Russia that wanted a piece of Iran...  well, 
maybe it's no difference, whether Russia or US... maybe it's time for 
Russia and the US to divvy up the world again...  Maybe it's like 
when we were kids and had a stick of gum.  One person gets to divide 
it, the other person get to choose the half she wants.  Maybe that's 
how they're doing it.

Hey, what would happen if Bush declared himself dictator and shut 
down the election process?  You know what would happen?  My 
republican grandfather (and millions like him) would say, "yes, well, 
it's unfortunate, no one likes to shut down democracy, but in this 
case, it was necessary."  And the democrats in congress would say, 
"well, in light of current affairs, we'll have to support the 
president.  that means we get to stay in office too, right?  yes, we 
support the president and commander in chief in these tough times..." 
and the newspapers would wring their hands a bit, and say, well, 
"it's only temporary.  Threat of terrorism and all... they said we'll 
get our democracy back when the world is a bit safer... the 
government wouldn't lie, so we will trust them.  Because right now we 
really need that strong leadership only a dictator can provide..."

etc etc etc.

anyway, I think they're just testing the waters... Iraq?  Syria? 
hmm... who's next... pushing their buttons, see how hard the squirm, 
see if we can make them dance... ain't it fun to be top dog ain't it 
fun fun fun...

it was fun for Germany for a while, too, 1938-1945 was all one big 
black and red hakenkreutz-errific hard-on, enit?

woo hoo red white and blue!  yee haw!

ride that baby down

down down

to ground zero...


>WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The Bush administration is considering taking a hard-line
>approach toward the government of Iran that could include efforts to 
>Tehran's Islamic regime, a State Department official told CNN on Sunday.


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