[thechat] dos attack records

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Wed May 28 08:51:35 CDT 2003

rudy sensibly noted:

>>there's an old saying, "you get what you pay for"


>the real problem i've always had with paid reports from places like gartner,
>forrester, or whatever (disclaimer: i've only seen a few of these non-free
>reports) is that you cannot really tell by looking whether the report is
>full of crap or not, since if you could look, you wouldn't need to buy

<sigh> I have seen lots of them. I've (with company budget) paid for lots 
of them. I've written rebuttals to a number of them.  I've had to explain 
to mgmt _why_ they are full of crap. I've called them [McKinsey | Gartner | 
others] to discuss the methodological flaws in their studies. --- it's never 
a "win" situation. You have to go talk to VPs you've never met before and 
explain that 'this guy' who got a 1/2 page write-up in the New York Times 
doesn't have a clue what he's talking about.   ;-(  They just make me cranky.

>>i have this ebook i'm thinking of writing, and one of the things i've been
>>tossing around is how much to charge for it, 
>>maybe i *should* set it at something like "£1,762.50 (including taxes)" and
>>hope for just one sale!!!

Reminds me of the kids with the lemonaide stand asking $5000 per glass: 
.... "Yeah - but we only need to sell ONE!".  ;-)

Hmmm ... maybe you could get an evolter to send you a WebTV screen shot so 
you could say "as seen on TV!".

I think we could get together and come up with any number of testimonials for 
you (we _may_ need to order more exclamation points though):

- "I used to be overweight and have a bad complexion ... but then I bought 
Rudy's book!"
- "Ephedrine-Free!!"
- "Five Star Government Crash Test Rating!"
- "Much better mileage than my last SQL book."
- "New and Improved!"
- "My queries were flabby and out of shape, but thanks to Rudy's book they're 
now sleek and toned!"
- "From the Inventor of SQL!"
- "Secret Canadien Methods Revealed!"
- "No DBAs were harmed in the making of this book"

You'll probably also need one of those fast-talking disclaimers at the end 
as well:

"Warning: In a recent clinical study side effects from reading this book have 
included increased intelligence, improved understanding, better posture, and 
a more fulfilling sex life. Order Now. ... Operators standing by."

Then again ... you may not want this kind of help ...


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