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At 02:07 AM 15-03-03, Syed Zeeshan Haider wrote:
>What an average American thinks about Green Card holder Pakistanis? What is
>the position of a Green Card holder in American society?

I would imagine that it depends on the kind of person he/she is. :)

A Green Card holder is a permanent resident with a work permit, AFAIK. 
That's the "legal" status. Societal status is a different thing altogether. 
I have two cousins in USA, one a citizen by birth and the other a green 
card holder who's been there for 13 years and lives in Vancouver, WA. The 
green carder gets along just fine with the local people (and teaches at 
University on weekends too). I also know of other Indian H1B people who 
have had a tough time adapting to American culture, because of which they 
feel depressed and isolated. There are some fundamental differences in our 
cultures but if you adapt well, you'll be alright. For instance, I have 
another friend here who was offered a posting in USA for 3 months but she 
turned it down, saying she couldn't be away from her family. (Of course, it 
was in Utah, so perhaps it's understandable. ;)

>  Aren't Green Card
>holders considered American citizens or it is an earlier stage of way to 

Green card holders aren't citizens yet. They continue to be the citizens of 
the countries they're from until they become proper US citizens.


The people who were deported, according to the article you linked, weren't 
legitimate green card holders. It says "Some of them were in jail due to 
ordinary crimes and others for their illegal stay in America ranging from 
four months to two years."

Uh huh. Not quite your average dudes, eh?

"I'm an illegal immigrant but I deserve respect" is not a very persuasive line.


PS: The reporter should learn the difference between "relinquishing" and 
"languishing" ;)

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