[thechat] 103 Pak prisoners return from US - PakTribune

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Fri Mar 14 22:38:28 CST 2003

Troll - but I'm not in a mood to take it today.

> It's a good news for me that these Pakistanis are no more in 
> love with USA and they'll prefer to live in their own country.

LOL - like they had a choice. They broke the law, we sent them
back - in handcuffs. Sure doesn't sound like "prefer..." to me.

> same event make me curious about the position of Pakistanis 
> with Green Card in USA. 

Anyone with a valid green card is welcome to stay and work.

> What an average American thinks about Green Card holder 
> Pakistanis?

No different than a Spaniard or a Peruvian or a Lithuanian
or a Canadian or a Korean or an Indian - with a valid green

> Aren't Green Card holders considered American citizens or
> it is an earlier stage of way to getting citizenship?

No and No.

> I am just curious!
> By the way, for me USA is an interesting topic of study as a 
> society and culture.

And it seems you do that most of the time with a jaundiced eye.


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