[thechat] Another reason for NOT attacking Iraq

Syed Zeeshan Haider szh at softhome.net
Thu Mar 13 03:25:32 CST 2003

Today is 9th of Islamic month of Muharram. It is the first month of the year
1424 Hijri according to Islamic calendar. About 1350 years ago, on the same date
and month, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad was picking up and accumulating the
dead bodies of his close friends and relatives. His name was Hussain and he was
the son of Fatima, Prophet Muhammad's daughter. Hussain was fighting against
more than 30000 troops of Yazeed with only 72 people including women and
children. He had not eaten or drunk anything since 7th of Muharram and it was
9th of Muharram. This great war was taking place at the battle field of Karblaa,
IRAQ. On the afternoon of 10th of Muharram, when Hussain was praying, he was
beheaded by a soldier of Yazeed, a dictator worst than Hitler. At the time of
Hussain's death, only one male adult, Zain-ul-Aabideen, of his family was alive.
Zain could not participate the war because he was severely ill. All the graves
and tombs of Hussain and his relatives are in Iraq.
Today, Iraqi government takes best care of those historical places including the
battle field of Karblaa. Hussain's father and Fatima's husband, Ali is buried in
Najaf, Iraq. And many more historical and sacred people of Islam are buried in
Iraq. If USA attacks Iraq, they (US bombs) will destroy all historical places
and tombs (remember the American plans of bombing Iraq). American government is
mastermind of producing excuses for their acts. They'll say, "Saddam is hiding
WMD's there". If Saddam is removed by force, it is very likely that USA-endorsed
new government will be people having religious views similar to those of
Talibaan and Al-Qaeda (remember that these two things are the American products
which were produced during Afghan-Russia war). Talibaan and Al-Qaeda are the
supporters of Yazeed. If such people are brought in government, they will try
their best to destroy the remaining historical places related to Hussain
(Prophet Muhammad's grandson), Ali (Hussain's father) and Fatima (Hussain's
mother and Prophet Muhammad's daughter).

By the way, http://stacks.msnbc.com/news/873573.asp?cp1=1 is an interesting
Syed Zeeshan Haider.

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