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On Wednesday, March 12, 2003, at 07:05  AM, Luther, Ron wrote:
> ... and a month later the aliens will show up on 'Star Search' where
> they'll be criticized for not being young enough

If they're not young enough ...

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Subject: Searching for talented performers over age 50 for new NBC show

Hi There.....

I am now casting for the new NBC primetime show "Second Chance: 
Most Talented Senior".  We are seeking energetic, enthusiastic and 
people over the age of 50 who sing, dance or have any exceptional 
acts.  The older........ the better........the more outrageous.....the

If you have any one to recommend please let me know and we will place 
on the VIP list for the audition so they will not have to wait with the

Please find the press release attached for additional information.

Thank you for your help.

[here's the text of the attachment, a word doc]


BURBANK – February 28 –NBC’s new reality series “Second Chance: 
America’s Most Talented Senior” will begin its nationwide recruitment 
for prospective contestants in Dallas, Memphis, New York, Phoenix, Las 
Vegas, Charlotte, Miami, Palm Springs, San Diego and Los Angeles.

“Second Chance: America’s Most Talented Senior” will feature seniors 
from across America competing head-to-head in an overall talent 
competition, which ranges from song and dance, to the most exceptional 
novelty acts.

Casting directors for the new series are seeking energetic, 
enthusiastic and talented individuals who are above the age of 50.  Any 
individual seeking the opportunity to show America their talents in 
song, dance, or any exceptional novelty acts, is encouraged to 
audition.  Groups up to three are also welcome.  Stand-up comedy acts 
are discouraged.

All potential candidates should come camera-ready and dressed to 
impress.  In addition, all candidates must also bring recent photo 

For specific times and locations of auditions please call 888.423.9119:

Prospective contestants for "Second Chance: America’s Most Talented 
Senior" can obtain additional information by logging onto www.nbc.com.

(Contestants must be a U.S. citizen; must not have appeared in more 
than one television competition or game show within 12 months from tape 
date of program; must not have appeared as a paid principal performer 
on a nationally broadcast free or basic cable television program, 
motion picture, television commercial, or first-class stage production 
produced by the League of American Theatres and Producers, or the 
League of Resident Theaters, with six or more lines; must not be a 
party to a recording contract; must not have made prior national 
network television solo singing, musical, or dance performances on 
primetime; and must not be or have any member of your immediate family, 
or anyone living with you currently employed or have been employed 
within the last two years  by NBC and/or General Electric.)

"Second Chance: America’s Most Talented Senior" is a production of NBC 
Studios.  Stuart Krasnow (“Dog Eat Dog,” “The Weakest Link”) executive 
produces, and Peter Johansen (“The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn,” 
“The Martin Short Show”) serves as co-executive producer.

Erik Mattheis
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