[thechat] Outlook Express in OSX

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Wed Mar 12 21:04:34 CST 2003

Yes, he would have to run it in Classic. Not that I've had OE/Entourage 
open except when walking clients through setting up their email, but 
Entourage seems to me OE for OS X (I have walked someone through 
setting up OE while doing the same things in Entourage).

But if this ninny is so afraid of changes, he'll end up working in 
Classic anyway, so he might as well resign himself to using OS 9 until 
his dying days. Seriously, he's going to have a lot bigger problems in 
OS X than Entourage vs OE: OS X is as different from OS 9 as it is from 

So, this is what I would tell him: "Oh, you're probably better off 
staying with what you have instead of moving ahead". Then, if he's 
married, ask "Your wife's cooking isn't anything like your mom's is it, 
right?" If he's not married, ask, "Like, if you got married, you 
wouldn't have a girlfriend anymore, would you?" If he doesn't have a 
girlfriend, skip the first part and say, "You know, people in the 
office are wondering if you're gay, and I'm supposed to ask you if you 
are. Cause it's OK if you are." If he's gay, tell him this guy on 
thechat thought he really fits the stereotype of the gay man in his 
[add 10 years to his age group] who still lives with his parents, then 
ask him if he still lives with his parents.

  .... on the upside, running apps in Classic is not that bad: I still 
use Classic for Photoshop and Illustrator ... at first because I was 
too much of a cheapskate to get all the upgrades all at once, and still 
do because the inconvenience of not being able to buy and download 
Adobe stuff on-line outweighs the inconvenience of running them in 

If he does make the leap, he might want to download Fruitmenu and 
X-Assist (one is free, the other $6-7 shareware) - they helped me 
transition to OS X: between the two, they make the Finder work pretty 
much like OS 9.

On Wednesday, March 12, 2003, at 05:38  PM, Erika Meyer wrote:

> My co-worker is really concerned about switching to OSX because he 
> loves Outlook Express and MS Mactopia site tells him that he should 
> use "Entourage X" not Outlook Express and he doesn't WANT to use a new 
> email program he just wants his Outlook Express....
> so what he wants to know, can he use his Outlook Express...
> will he have to run it under Classic
> or will he be forced to choose a new email program?
> He has come to me because our IT dept refuses to support Outlook 
> Express and he feels abandoned.  I told him I have no clue but I'd ask 
> around...
> anyone here have a clue?

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