[thechat] contract work rant

Debbe Watson debbe1 at swbell.net
Wed Mar 12 16:26:41 CST 2003

Yes, it does sound like she is acting like the Butt of that Chicken and
her mind is as closed off as the beer can before it is opened for the

But all in all... I would like to be in your shoes rather than mine at
the moment.  Being an independent contractor myself, I am feeling the
tight belt of a bad economy. There is not enough work to go around here
and the contractors are the first luxury that gets cut. 


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> Well, I wanted to add her site to my portfolio now that I finally
> how to do screenshots.  She said no -- it wouldn't look right for her
> firm to have my site using it as an example of my coding work.

it sounds like maybe she isn't seeing the "mutual benefit" side of
do you farm out your design work to her? if so, it only seems to help
both to have it in your portfolio.

on the other hand, maybe she doesn't like the other things in your
portfolio, and that's whats really at issue (designers can/have to be

on the third hand (yes, i have one of those), if you didn't agree it in
first place, negotiation has to be endured. maybe more valuable to you,
would be a teeny link in her footer that said "site programming by: your
link here"
maybe she'll agree to that as a compromise... ;o)


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