[thechat] contract work rant

abbey abbey at abbeyink.com
Wed Mar 12 16:11:03 CST 2003

This may be O-T for TheChat, but I just gotta vent (recipe below as a *tip*)

I do coding for a small, local web shop and she does o.k., pays promptly, 
keeps me just busy enough that I haven't had to go find a *real* job. One of 
the things I did was code her web site and that was with the understanding 
that her site would be used to get more business for her shop and me. I've 
worked with her a while, so it didn't really seem so dumb at the time.

Well, I wanted to add her site to my portfolio now that I finally figured out 
how to do screenshots.  She said no -- it wouldn't look right for her design 
firm to have my site using it as an example of my coding work.

So, I feel pretty dumb right now -- I basically gave her my code and now I 
can't even *advertise* it. I suppose I could ask for it back (my first 
reaction, of course), but she does pay. So that would be cutting off my nose 
to spite my face. 

Nope, I'm still angry -- maybe it's time for some liquid attitude adjustment 
-- speaking of which, here's my *tip*

<recipe type="main dish">
Beer Butt Chicken
Clean and rinse a roasting chicken
Rub bird with seasoning of choice (I like a little olive oil, black pepper and 
Open can of beer, drink about 1/3
Remove as much of the top of the can as possible
Drop 2-3 peeled garlic cloves into beer
Carefully place back-end of bird over beer can so chicken is *standing*
Place on a grill and grill until the chicken falls over

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