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Mike Migurski mike at saturn5.com
Wed Mar 12 14:16:48 CST 2003

>> This is an adjunct prof here at Lewis and Clark College.  He is in his
>> early 30's, was a Marine in the Gulf War.  His dad was in Vietnam, his
>> grandfather WWII.
>> His memoir is receiving some amazing reviews by publications the New
>> York Times, etc being favorably compared to books like "Catch 22."

Salon had a good article about it;

	"None of the rewards of victory will come my way, because there
	are no rewards, not on the field of battle, not for the man who
	fights the battle -- the rewards accrue in places like Washington,
	D.C., and Riyadh and Houston and Manhattan, south of 125th
	Street." This is how it works now; a nation's rulers no longer
	lead their people into battle as Charlemagne once did. Even the
	middle class mostly manages to keep itself out of the fray. The
	soldiers come from a social strata that's not "us," which makes it
	that much easier for those who watch from the sidelines to wax
	hawkish -- and turns the lives of fighting men into an object of
	marveling curiosity.


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