[thechat] Mopping up the stragglers

John Handelaar john at gn.apc.org
Sun Aug 11 18:39:03 CDT 2002

Apologies to anyone who (like me) is on all
5 of these :-)

Should this work correctly, send your collective
vibes of goodwill towards Dean and Ron, who have
contributed no small chunk of their weekends
to the cause of getting Mailman running again

Last I checked we were having a few issues with
the relays and working around the problem, partly
by throttling sendmail and partly by using a
temporary replacement relay.

Oh, and if anyone knows where Sendmail is hiding
its internal config which was trying to reverse-
lookup to ns1.stark despite the main settings
being fixed, we'd love to find out :-)

John Handelaar

T +44 20 8933 1494       M +44 7930 681789
F +44 870 169 7657   E john at userfrenzy.com

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