[thechat] Linux on a network

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sat Dec 29 20:12:20 CST 2001

On Sunday, December 30, 2001, at 02:00  am, Seb wrote:

>> This is only a temporary
>> measure until I learn enough about Linux to set up the machine as a 
>> gateway.
> I currently have my linux (mdk 8) box running as a gateway with my 
> alcatel
> frog modem and linked to the other machines.


Another (easier, pretty damned difficult to screw up, very reliable,
but more expensive and probably involving less fun and less learning)
alternative is to shell out for a dedicated router like the Linksys.
Costs about 80 to a hundred quid and also works as a DHCP
server to run the entire network.

I had mine up and running within ten minutes of opening the
box, and I've had Windows (95 and 98),  Linux, Mac OS 9,
Mac OS X (ie BSD under the covers) connecting to it with
absolutely no problem.

I'm on Telewest btw.

It really is plug and play and controlled through a web interface -
the only setup thing I had to do was to tell it to use the MAC
address of one of the existing boxes' NIC to connect to the
cable modem, and that's only because I was too impatient/lazy
to register a new MAC address with Smellywest.

Oh, and it has blinkenlights!

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