[thechat] john h makes ntk again...

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sat Aug 25 03:06:36 CDT 2001

Hey John

Expect a weekend of server thrashing:

Anyway, there should be none of that unpleasantness
         at the imaginatively named CLITERATI.CO.UK, a new site which
         trades in traditional text-only alt.sex.stories fare (sorry,
         we meant "upmarket female-friendly erotic fiction") in a
         modern weblog format. And they're having a launch party at a
         secret location next Friday (2001-08-31), and there's a few
         places left on the guest-list, and you are strongly advised to
         RSVP as instructed at the end of the press release (including
         recent photo?) if that's at all your sort of thing.

                  - non-consecutive article numbering; NNNNNGGGGHH...

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