[thechat] The Register Effect (part 2)

John Handelaar genghis at members.evolt.org
Fri Aug 24 06:33:54 CDT 2001

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> Oh quit ya bitchin! You love it *:)

Yeah, well the day passed with 'only' 60 minutes
of machinegunning-related downtime (ask me on the
other list about how PHP DOESN'T FUCKING WORK
ON NT - bastard memory-leaking bastard) and
67,000 page impressions of which 60,000 came through
before 1830.  By the time the next avalanche comes
I'll have a server which is better tuned, at

And now this from Reuters:


Which means it'll be all over the national papers
tomorrow and all over the radio later today.  If
we weren't engaged, I wouldn't be doing this :-)

John Handelaar

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