[thechat] No lies about the dead! (was: What about the economy?)

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sun Aug 19 17:15:18 CDT 2001

Ron White wrote on 19/8/01 11:04 pm

>The Berlin Wall coming down - came down because of people fighting for their
>own freedom.

Protest against the oppressor, yes.

>Apartheid ending - same

The same, yes, plus boycotts making it economically unviable for SA.
fwiw, pretty much all the South African AA groups supported the boycott

>Nazi Germany being defeated - same

*cough* war *cough*

>Women's sufferage in most countries - Don't recall much violence with this.

*cough* Emily Pankhurst

>The end of the Raj in India (perhaps the seminal non-violent protest)- same
>as the top three

Yes, exactly my point.

>The Polish Solidarity movement - same as the others

And again

>The ending of the slave trade from Africa across the Atlantic - this ended
>mostly because it was cheaper to just breed them in the New World than
>import them.
Partially, but also because of the protest movement in Britain led by

Ron, my point *was* that the only way to end oppression is to protest
against it.


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