[thechat] No lies about the dead! (was: What about theeconomy?)

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Uh, this was a response to Kev.

Ron White

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>Comparing the Holocaust to protests of free trade treaties is abhorrent and
>I can't believe anyone of sound mind would make such a comparison.
>Ron White

I don't think Martin was comparing them like that. It read to me like
he was defending peoples' right to protest. I don't know enough about
the rationale behind these protests, but the right to protest is
usually present in democratic countries. Stating that 'anyone who
protests when it looks a little dangerous is insane' flies in the
face of all the movements Martin listed, and then some. One that pops
to mind is the end of the Roman emperors, the beginning of the
republic, whatever one might think of either.


At 7:11 PM +0100 19/8/01, Martin wrote:
>The Berlin Wall coming down
>Apartheid ending
>Nazi Germany being defeated
>Women's sufferage in most countries
>The end of the Raj in India (perhaps the seminal non-violent protest)
>The Polish Solidarity movement
>The ending of the slave trade from Africa across the Atlantic

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