[thechat] No lies about the dead! (was: What about the economy?)

Ron White ronwhite at members.evolt.org
Sun Aug 19 17:07:01 CDT 2001

Again wrong comparisons and yes, you put yourself knowingly in danger, you
deserve what they get, whether it's glory or it is death. You will notice
that most protests are by young people. Why? Because they don't have
anything to lose, except their lives. Let's see how idealistic they are
after they get some responsibilities.

Just like the protesters of the 60's got old and got Republican...

The Berlin Wall coming down - came down because of people fighting for their
own freedom.
Apartheid ending - same
Nazi Germany being defeated - same
Women's sufferage in most countries - Don't recall much violence with this.
The end of the Raj in India (perhaps the seminal non-violent protest)- same
as the top three
The Polish Solidarity movement - same as the others
The ending of the slave trade from Africa across the Atlantic - this ended
mostly because it was cheaper to just breed them in the New World than
import them.

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