[thechat] No lies about the dead! (was: What about the economy?)

Wolfgang Bromberger wolfgang.bromberger at salzburg.co.at
Sat Aug 18 18:34:06 CDT 2001

No, he did not throw a fire extinguisher.
Look it up at Indymedia.org, the Carabinieri (police)
threw it _out_ of the car!
Carlo Giulani happened to pick it up.
And about the violence:

It was done by police.

Of course for those who watch only corporate media,
and never hear of people who have been there, or have been there
themselfes, they will never believe the really ugly truth.

I have pictures of police dressed as black anarchists beating
up protesters, with help of policemen (which anarchist would
wear a black cap with "Polizei" (police) stiched on it?).
There are pictures of heavy armed "black block" demonstrators
talking with police or walking out of police stations with other
Dozens of witnesses saw this, including an Oscar winning director,
who even filmed one of those violent protestors showing him
his dog mark and telling him to move away.

When italy.Indymedia.org announced that they have media-evidence that the
police started the violence with undercover forces, the Indymedia
center and the school were raided by special forces.
There is even a political inquiry by the opposition, in case you
cancel my words as from one of the "lunatics".

btw, they (the cops) did not only drive around before the
murder (it was murder, no matter what lies they tell!) with
their guns pointing at protestors, they drove with jeeps
and tanks(!) _into the with teargas cornered crowds,
which they fired from both ends of the demonstration and
with helicopters from above, after the massacre ("the chilean night"
it is called even by conservative papers in Italy, sorry Javier) at the
Diaz school (with people afterwards in coma near death) they
did not only force them to yell Mussolini and other fascist things,
they kept asking "where is Giulani" and pointed with a gun to threaten to
them again and again, kept beating them up badly, and refused medical or
diplomatic aid for many days, threatend the girls to rape them with ballots,
made them undress in front of them, etc. etc. 
Before Carlo was shot, the policeman did not shout "move, go away
or I have to shoot", he yelled "I shoot you all bastards" and
did not fire a warning shot, he shot Carlo two times in the head, at

two meters distance. He shot even more times, but noone else was hit.

Btw, they were not really cornered. If you have a chance, then please
look at all of the pictures shot at those minutes.
Not even 10 meters away there are at least twenty of robocops.
They just stood there. After the shot they come and move the demonstrators
away from Carlo, while those try to give first aid.

They wanted someone to die to escalate things. 

There are still people missing. People were washed
on the shore a week later, dead, reason unknown. 
There are still people missing after so long time has passed!
Another woman has been found dead, strangled.
I could go on, but I stop.

All I say, keep an open mind and do not believe all that is in TV.
(and maybe sometimes read up on indymedia.org or similiar)
Please, try to gather information from all sides before talking
Read up what people have to say who been there.

And I did not even start to talk about the circumstances of
arresting and beating up the Austrian theater group
Volxtheaterkaravane "Noborder-Nonation" and all the other
peaceful who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong
time, or more true, had the wrong passport
(because peaceful demonstrators make believe they are in the
wrong place at the wrong time to demonstrate -which is a human
right btw, in case you forgot- is exactly what they


a very very angry


I just "love it" when people who obviosly never been at a demonstration,
who did not get kicked the shit out by police for protesting peacefully,
or shot by gas grenates,
then talk big time about "those violent protestors", because
they "saw it on tv".

Folks, wake up!

If you agree or not, I will peacefully respond (exept flames, where
I keep the right to flame back) offlist, with URLs, attached pics,
whatever you need to understand.

At 09:03 23.07.01 -0500, you wrote:
>not to start a holy war here :)
>buttt.... they are dressed like that to deal with the tear gas, the more 
>extreme of them wear home made body armor to protect against rubber bullets.
>and ya he was throwing a fire extinguisher at a police vehicle. a fully 
>armored, bullet proof, loaded with thugs carrying fully automatic 
>weapons police vehicle. did they shoot him cus the extinguisher put a 
>dent in their little assault vehicle?
>i saw a picture of the scene(which they aren't showing on american TV 
>i've noticed..) and the cop has a handgun pointed at the guys head, and 
>the guy has the extinguisher still in his hand..
>and doesn't it seem a little extreme to use deadly force(then run him 
>over a couple times just for good measure!!) on a guy who's going to 
>hurl an extinguisher at your vehicle?
>ya, some of them are wack, but being lunatics doesn't mean you deserve 
>to be killed.. i mean, no one has bothered to ask why the hell all these 
>people are protesting in the first place..
>Ron White wrote:
>> He got shot after throwing a fire extinguisher at a police vehicle. I say
>> its his own damn fault, as well as the rest of those friggin lunatics. They
>> were dressed and looking for trouble in the pictures I've seen...
>> Thanks,
>> Ron White
>> <snip>
>> didn't a guy get shot after cornering a policeman?
>> i think that "violence at the g-8 summit" is fairly accurate...
>> </snip>

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