[thechat] Attempt at humour

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Fri Aug 17 13:40:17 CDT 2001

The best is when its your own software, and a rare error condition, and
your co-worker encounters it, and you forgot you wrote it. We have
something we call our Watchdog system here at work, that has a VB
runtime portion and a VOS (telephony) portion that, among testing db
connectivity and shit, makes outbound calls to our trunk groups to make
sure they're still up (managing large amounts of telephone lines is more
a black art than I care to describe), anyhoo, the VB runtime and the VOS
runtime ping each other via tcp sockets to make sure each piece is still
alive. Attila (our resident stud Hungarian) witnessed the error that
comes up when the VB side doesn't get response from the VOS side:

"You're fucked."

yeah, it was funny. yeah, guess you had to be there.

2hrs to company endorsed brew and bloodfest,

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