[thechat] Attempt at humour

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Fri Aug 17 12:09:02 CDT 2001

> I've read quite a few MS and Oracle error messages ... rarely 
> have I seen
> that information "go a long way".   ;-)   [I have seen it be 
> useful - but
> only rarely.]

Oh like I haven't? =)

--the funniest and most cryptic (well, not anymore):

I been on both sides (continue to be in some respects), know them well,
have the complimentary wardrobe...

> Methinks there must be some kind of perverse competition there ...

nah. Just a peeve to hear "it blew up" and "I don't know, I closed the
window" over and over again. But hey, it's given me a thick skin, and
for that I'm proud of (comes in handy at bars) =)

(I'm picturing this volley to be more a common bitch session over a beer
than a competition, but I'm hopeless sometimes)

> Also - I'd have to say that it's more than a little disgruntling to
> correctly relate the error messages ... in all their profound 
> verbosity and
> still get told:   "Did you try rebooting the machine?  Well, 
> try it again -
> if it's still a problem - call me back. [By then I'll have 
> gone to lunch.]"

yeah, I know this one. Luckily for my users, I care ;p

> (Who has MUCH to do around the house with spackling and painting this
> weekend.  Blah!)

after beating the shit outta my brain all week, I'm looking forward to
two days of Thoreau (manual labor) ... although in my case it amounts to
minor cleaning and laundry. If it clears up tomorrow, maybe I'll wax the

much love,

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