[thechat] Attempt at humour

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Thu Aug 16 19:59:58 CDT 2001

>7. Be sure to make fun of anyone who is
>uncomfortable or awkward with new technology.

Oh please. Nothing on the Internet that effects end users is "new" anymore.
End users who are newbies need to stop thinking that the 'net is TV and
that its just remote control stupidity.

IT's job is not there to tell you how to cut and paste, much less a tv
repair man is there to tell you how to turn on the TV, program your VCR, or
tell you what channel your favorite show is coming on.

>9. Don't call the phone company either, because their customer
>service reps are more clueless than IT support.  First try checking
>your voice mail...

Bwahahah. That's so true.

>10. Don't worry about researching the environmental impacts of the
>tools you use and support, and discovering ways to reuse and recycle
>them.  You would be wasting valuable brain power which could be
>better spent figuring out how to slaughter your on-line gaming

Exactly. Who gives a crap about global warming.
I care about mercury poisoning. At least that will happen in my life time.

>27.  When I send you an early note about the Sir Cam worm, it isn't
>because I am worried about my Macintosh getting infected, duh.  It's
>because I know that all the Windows/Outlook users are going to open
>it, get infected and be calling YOU.  Yet you would rather reassure
>me that everything is alright and ignore it ...until everyone starts
>getting infected.

Actually, I sent out warnings cos I was damn sick of downloading your
grandma's favorite cookie recipe. Of course, warning you didn't work, cos
your isp shut off your account, or otherwise gave you such a small mailbox
size that all the other cookie haters of the world already clogged your

>I'm going to stop referencing #7 now.

Please see #7. (Ok. I know that makes no frelling sense.)

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