[thelist] Hello World, Hello Stars, H

Luther, Ron (AMS Ops Business Intelligence) ron.luther at hp.com
Wed Apr 20 07:54:40 CDT 2016

Ron Dorman opined ...

>>Are there any of us interested in keeping things going? I'm still involved with building sites and providing hosting services and support. 
>>It would be good to have friends to discuss things with and contract with when I need help.

Good to hear from you Ron!

I'd certainly be willing to try to help ... but I'm not sure I'd end up being very helpful.  Like a lot of other folks I'm even less technical today than I used to think I was.  <Keanu voice />Whoa!

Still working in reporting ... rebuilding the same things over and over.

My spare time is mostly taken up running, cycling, and pretending to swim.  (Which has come in more handy than you might think this week here in 'Highwater Houston'!  <g>)  Someday I may pick up one of my guitars again or try my hand at that writin' thang some spinny folks have found to be so captivational.   


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