[thelist] Hello World, Hello Stars, Hello Universe

Luther, Ron (AMS Ops Business Intelligence) ron.luther at hp.com
Tue Apr 19 15:36:59 CDT 2016

Hmmm ... the first computer I owned was an Atari 800 with a single sided single density 5.25" drive and a 300 baud modem.  I used a paper hole punch to notch the other side of each floppy so I could write to the back side as well.

First one I coded on was some Wang model with an "iron maiden" card reader.  You wrote your programs using a number 2 pencil to color in little ovals on a card.   It had a calculator sized display screen.

First one I was paid to work on was a Model 10 (?) Teletypewriter.  It was loud, black, metal, and had round keys and a printer.  It was bigger than your desk.  There was no monitor.  But there was a 1" wide paper tape reader/writer that you could 'store' your program on.  I think it was a Model 10 because it probably operated at 10 baud.  God it was slow.

First experience with computers?  Back when programs were 'written' by plugging guitar cord cables with quarter inch jacks into metal trays with sharp corners ... my parents used to bring some home for me to play with.  'Cuz they loved me and those make great toys for a little kid!      ;-P



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