[thelist] Farewell, my new friends!

Adriene Dickerson adriene.dickerson at ssaihq.com
Tue Apr 19 08:51:45 CDT 2016

Hi Everyone,


It has been wonderful watching you all reconnect and revel in a bit of well-earned nostalgia over the past few days. (For my part, my first computer was my brother's Commodore 64, which he sometimes allowed me to play games on...)


In any case, having stirred the proverbial pot, I will leave you all in peace now (since I am, as Volkan so kindly pointed out, pretty much trespassing on your sacred forum). 


But, seriously, if anyone knows a talented Web App Developer that would like to work on NASA's Worldview <http://www.worldview.earthdata.nasa.gov/>  project, here is the link to apply for our position: Front End Web Developer <https://www.ssaihq.com/employment/careers/Careers.aspx?adata=EOTKPV8dGGLCHfiLp6y1tfxgPOlMnt4b3myTdQvmhD%2bzumV6XzYQgBgZz1qaTwY68ld1sqaTGpXrsMcOSy6OsI5aKa14d8mqS98Wkd%2fEZhPLFIV8ezMMpIaR0bfY1WMTcvKkHhqkNJgVRpB6FWa9W%2fCqBy35polNLUSHHTIHJ9kcWKj71PvWgw5aAyFrwO%2bJBA%3d%3d> . 


Best wishes to you all!


~Adriene Dickerson, 301-867-2030, adriene.dickerson at ssaihq.com


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