[thelist] Tool/Script for Online Surveys with Media?

S.M.German smgerman at comcast.net
Sun Jul 20 20:47:28 CDT 2014


 I'm wondering if there is a preferred or recommended tool for an online survey with audio.  (The type of survey where the person listens to an audio clip, answers a question, etc.)  

I know there are many PHP survey scripts, of which I assume any can be made to include links to audio files in the questions.  Is there a script or package you've found useful or do you roll your own?  

Any services you'd recommend?  Survey Money allows HTML formatting which can be used to embed audio in questions, but only for paid accounts.  (SM also doesn't host media files, but I have a place to do that.)

Other than linking to audio files and recording the survey results, my main requirement is ease of use.

(For my Masters thesis I'm making an app to identify music by genre, and my advisor mentioned it'd be really good to have numbers comparing the app to how humans do with the same task.  Great idea, but as I have about 4 weeks to wrap everything up, not something I can spend much time on.  I'll pay for a month of Survey Monkey, if that's the best option.  I can't spend an evening to find out a script from Source Forge isn't compatible with the version of PHP my web host offers.)

Thank you,


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