[thelist] refreshing content like twitter

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Wed Sep 5 14:28:37 CDT 2012

I've got some content bits that folks will be regularly adding comments and such to, very similar to how Twitter works. Registered member adds a comment. The comment is dynamically posted to the page along, it shows at the top of the list, and other comments scroll down until it reaches a limit.

I dabble little enough with AJAX to know how to update a <div>.  I did a number of searches and found some 'periodic' update scripts, but this will be more of a whenever. Something like a daemon is watching the queue and wakes up when new content arrives.

The second complication is scrolling as opposed to simply redrawing.  My JavaScript skills are weak. Figuring out how to do this in jQuery or Mootools will be a perilous journey.

Can anyone point me to a pre-built script which will handle the requirements - 1) update/adds as new content (mysql) arrives and scrolls like Twitter?

Thx, Bob

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