[thelist] [css-d] IE 6 news implications

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Fri Dec 16 13:32:27 CST 2011

Nice one, Barney, I like that thinking. Puts it quite in perspective.
I will use similar myself.


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>>> Sounds from your comments that some/many companies feel that IE6
>>usage is so insignificant as to make accommodating it to be more costly
>>than any benefit gotten from the accommodation.
>>> Is that the feeling?
>>I work for a digital marketing agency that churns out a fairly large
>>number of highly involved websites to support the campaigns of a few
>>major brands in the UK.
>>Because most of our clients are major corporations, they often have
>>direct experience of locked systems running legacy IE, and because
>>we're in a competitive business with big names to please we pride
>>ourselves in being very attentive to the clients' specific wants.
>>Having said that, what with a lot of people asking for whiz-bang
>>bleeding edge front-end bells and whistles and complete cross-browser
>>parity, we have recently made it a matter of policy to charge 1.5 times
>>the front-end build if IE6 or 7 'total parity' is desired (in practice
>>the figure is always different: some designs do just work with minimal
>>code-forking, in which case we charge far less, while others are
>>incredibly ambitious and precise, and can cost considerably more to
>>perfect across browserland). Of course we build with platform-agnostic
>>accessibility principles and enhance there forth, so we never have
>>sites that are unusable or visually broken, but for things like, for
>>example, GUIs with rotating semi-transparent imagery or somesuch,
>>dedicated legacy IE support is a huge extra workload.
>>We've found that announcing that pricing plan up front with the
>>workload explanation, along with our analytics data to indicate the
>>vanishingly small proportion of these browsers' users as a demographic,
>>makes legacy browser work a lot more sane: either the client realises
>>that these users are a minority who do not expect flashy Internet
>>experience and accept that they will have a sub-par experience, or they
>>insist on a lot of hard work and pay accordingly.
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