[thelist] development time cost on new functionality

Renoir Boulanger renoirb at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 17:53:51 CDT 2011


I agree with all of the above.

We develop for the client the features they want. It gives a floor. Lucky them if they have more features. We also offer service and maintenance and apply upgrades when the client agrees on the functionality update/upgrade.

Since we develop using source control, tags and convention configuration principles we can easily redeploy.

Some products are planned to become Open-Sourced. After some resvisions and when we made our profit and developed the project site and identity on our idle time.

A question to bring good karma and give back to the community.

Since our company is only a year and a half old and a growing team, we cannot foresee opensourcing before a year from now.



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