[thelist] tracking spammers

Bob Meetin bobm at dottedi.biz
Tue Jul 12 09:42:44 CDT 2011

As I continue monitoring (and now successfully preventing) the registrations I am seeing variations of which fields get addressed:

Link: Ste Livrade sur lot

Thus far admin_only and whatever are being ignored.  Some hit URL or Link only, others hit URL, Website and Link.  If you have any other ideas of plausible URL synonyms please pass them around. The form includes a single 'name' field. If I were a gambler I'd bet that if I added hidden lastname or firstname fields they would eventually be found.

And the question, does the fact that the hidden traps are getting filled in indicate that these are true bots?  It is taking whomever, whatever, about 2 seconds to complete the form.


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