[thelist] javascript help

Alberto Domingo alberto.domingo at uah.es
Mon Jun 27 11:32:58 CDT 2011

Hi again Bob,

Sorry, I misunderstood your description. Here is a code for three 
options. I hope some of them is what you need. This code is to be 
included in the page that shows as a popup.

Also included as an attachment.

The code seems to be removed in the process. Here is again. Change [ 
by <. Hope it works now.

Popoup contents
[SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
if(!window.opener) {
         // if you just need to add the link, use next line
         document.write("<p><a href='http://lists.evolt.org'>go to 
         // if you need to change the body contents by the link, 
remove comments // in next line
href='http://lists.evolt.org'>go to lists.evolt.org</a>";
         // if you want to redirect the window to a new address, 
remove comments // in next line



At 10:35 26/06/2011, you wrote:
>Would someone be so kind as to give me a hand with a simple javascript?
>What I need is a js that checks to see if a pop-up window has been 
>opened as a pop-up or not, and if not, write a link.
>i.e - if opener is null, then write http:///www.mulink.com, else do nothing.
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